A Boy Who Was Disowned Because He Was Second in Everything, Is Unknowingly Unmatched

Chapter 1-Agony at the bar.

Chapter 1-Agony at the bar.

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It's been about a week since Erio became our friend and joined our party.

 Her swordsmanship is still amazing. It wasn't an unconventional sword like Aruna, but very faithful to the basics, so there was no hesitation whenever she striked . If it was a pure swordsmanship duel, I don't know which way the victory or defeat would had fallen.


 With that feeling in mind , my adventurer life  was about to begin once again.


"Hmm, we need more?"(Cleo)

"That's right. If we want to do more quests in the future, I think it's better to have someone who can provide logistical support to our party."(Keane)


 When we  were  eating at a bar.

 Keane told me  from a casual flow of conversation.


"... Ah, that's right. Certainly, it's safer to have someone who specializes in healing magic."(Cleo)


 I think about it for a moment and then convince myself to answer.

 As  the party was right now, I was the only one who could use healing magic. However, even if it can be used, I only got second  place in it every year. I couldn't compete with Marin, who was also called the saint of the new era, so it would be better to recruit someone  in case we need  emergency healing in the dungeon.


"But I wonder if people will come to such a new party like ours ..."(Cleo)

"What are you talking about, Cleo. Don't you know the rumours about us?"(Erio)

"Wha-What rumors?"(Keane)


 However, there was anxiety in his voice , and Erio said that he was the one to leak such a thing.

 When she tilts her head, she looks at Keane and shakes her head from side to side as if she was amazed. Perhaps there are some bad rumors out there about us?

 Certainly duels and such may dampen the ambitions of  newcomers  from trying to reach the bottom of the dungeon. It might have bothered the guild as it meant less business for them.


"Hmm, that's right ..."(Cleo)


 ――If so, I have to pay more attention to our surroundings.

 With that in mind, I had to embark on Improving my strength.


"But let's do that  from tomorrow--"

(TL:My kind of mentality)


 So let's go to the guild tomorrow morning.

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 It was when I tried to make such a proposal.



"Ola! Maki !! ――Hey, do it I said !!"



 Somehow, the voice of a thick man echoed in the bar.


"What's wrong, a quarrel --- !?"(Cleo)


 I was distracted by it and turned towards  the source of the voice.

 Then I saw a strong man who raising  his fist against  the figure of a little girl who was about to be beaten.




 I had no time to think.

 I ran straight to the girl.


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"Cha ...!?"


 A fist swung down after a short scream of a girl.

 But it only  hits the air.



"Well, that ...?"


 At the same time, two voices of confusion rise.

 One is from the back. The other is from my arm.


"Huh, That  was close"


 Somehow the other customers are going  crazy, but I wonder what happened.

 I took a breather for the time being while releasing the girl with the short hair whom I helped . Then, I look back at the man who tried to hit the girl.


 I don't know what happened between them , but I couldn't overlook it.

 I'm wondering how did he  raise his hand against such a little girl.


"Hey, what the hell were  you thinking!"



 So when one  raise one's voice to protest, A strong man should see it to the end.

 he saw me as if he was licking me from top to bottom.




"Did you know that I'm Gown Orzar !?"(Gown)




 And he suddenly yells that.

 This was  the beginning of an incident.


 The girl who I helped-it was the beginning of the battle to protect Maki.

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