It’s Hard to Raise a Wife

Chapter 10

This kind of words from the words of those who speak out of the mouth, always could not help but feel envy and jealousy.

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"And the screen behind the four … …

"Jiang Fei Fei and Lu Huanzi surprised them almost fell to the ground."

Song Beibei is very angry, who TM and the old man childhood sweetheart ah!


Say good hidden marriage, said good to tell anyone!

Although not exposed her, but my heart is still uncomfortable.

Zhao Dan Tong want to go back: “I've seen enough, I'm really bored doing this with you… to do such a thing, If you don't want go I'll go."

There Luhuanzi and Jiang Fei Fei refused to retreat…

Song Beibei intend to follow Zhao Dan Tong first to leave…

"But Zhao Dan Tong turned around, just hit the screen next to a flower rack, issued a slightly dengkou sound…."

The rooms were just so quiet.

This is particularly noticeable.

Where Qishan has opened: “Who? Who sneaked in there?”

Four people are surprised.

There’s the voice of the headmaster’s chill: “Come out!

Jiang Fei Fei whispered: “how to do, dead set, and certainly to be punished.”

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Lu Huanzi is righteousness: “blessed with the same difficult when we go out!

Then … …”

voice suddenly down:

“and then beg for mercy, should … … should be okay.

Zhao Dan Tong thought for a moment: “Well, I messed up, I went.”

Song Beibei stop her: “You have to take scholarships, I go to block, you will be secretly out later, believe me.” Nothing bad will happen."

Finished, she has been out of the screen.

Song Beibei is actually face some battle, and her heart must be sure that he will take care of her,.."

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Guyanqing see Song Beibei appeared in front of the time, more than a deep in the eyes of a deep…

The headmaster in a glance recognize Song Beibei, after all this morning when she's one of winners who fell asleep… little girl on such attitude.

Guizhangqing calm, turned around and said principals: “This is your school students?


Hum, who will not ah?

Not just waiting for the principal to open, Song Beibei said: “Mr. Gu or elegant people forget things, this morning you just gave me a third prize scholarship?

Gu, said: “No impression.”

Song babe: “… …”

Next to the heart of Qi lit of the fire: “Why do you want to hide there to eavesdrop on our meeting?

Song Beibei reckoned there Lu Huizi they had the opportunity to escape, and is just looking for a reason to find a slip:

“I was wrong room, then I will go now.

“Want to come, want to go away, you think this is your own back garden?” Qi Shan is clearly interested in making things difficult.

“What do you want?” Song Beibei is also a look of unnecessary.

Qi Shan think this girl must see just that scene, and her heart is angry, but in front of M.Gu can not attack the face, only angrily said:

“Eavesdropping other people speak so confident, Mr. Gu is our guests, Did you disturb the guest without apologizing?

Song Beibei looked at Mr.Gu yanqing he was still leisurely drink, with interest, don't speak, nor rescue her.

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