It’s Hard to Raise a Wife

Song Beibei ‘s shoulder was pinched by fei fei and she really feel that she is in pain,

Song Beibei ‘s shoulder was pinched by fei fei and she really feel that she is in pain,  

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She just nodded again and again to gave her assurance.

“Yes, yes, he did not get married, must not get married!."

Jiang Fei Fei feel very happy in what song Beibei said and she kissed


her cheeks: “babe, you are most cute.” She was over welmed.

Going  back on their room while walking on the road, Jiang Fei Fei and Lu Huanzi has been asking about Qi Shan.

Lu Huanzi feel worried: “Babe, Qi Shan is the principal’s daughter, you should not offended her ”

Song Beibei smile: “offended how,  will she eat me?”>

But the next day,..


"A big news media professional freshman Song Beibei poorly dare peak into the president's dinner meeting,"

And even some people will exaggerate this thing to write a report posted in the bulletin board.

Lu Huanzi after reading inside the campus post,

 the atmosphere was very”too vicious, all slander,


There is also s  package sent in their room. at this time there is a photo of beibei on the bed with a dim Light, lying above of Mr. Gu.”

Jiang Feifei teeth gnashing said: “This must be Qi Shan scheem, we should not let her ugly face make fun and lookdown of Mr.Gu's photographed, just the wicked which!

Song Beibei of course, also swallow this tone, then got up to go to Shan Qi.

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but she was stopped by Zhao Dantong:


“You know you have no any use, she could not admit she did it, you even don't  have any evidence.!"

Lu Huanzi also attached to: “Yes ah, babe, she has a point we have no evidence, we should not act that fast…”

Jiang Fei Fei is not satisfied: “This thing should not be tolerated…  Beibei… don't bother let's just forget about this.”

The dormitory was quiet.

After a while, Lu Huanzi just like flash of light, suddenly stood up:


 “I know how to deal with Qi Shan!!!"

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All the eyes are transferred to Lu Huan child body.

“I am just looking at the campus network, and now the most votes, the highest vote is Qi Shan, we let Beibei also apply to participate in the Qi Shan arch down, let's crushed her ”

The idea was unanimously agreed.

Although the school competition contest is not the official organization of the school, but the degree of concern in the school is very high.

Moreover, if Song Beibei really run for Colonel, that Qishan deliberately caused her reputation damage that she cannot ignore..

Only Song Beibei hesitated:


 “I can not do it,..


" I don't have the looks that they like…


why people will choose me? they didn't even know me…


or if attend in this school"

Song Beibei words out, while receiving three big eyes.

Lu Huanzi said: “Beibei, without such a break their own.”

“You are the winner of the national scholarship, how did you have to say that and why there's nobody told you that the beauty of your face is always the urge to pour sulfuric acid?”

Song Beibei shaking a bit: “Fifi, you boast me or lose me?”

Lu Huanzi immediately help Song Beibei in the online newspaper name, she fill in the information and attach her photo.

Photo is free to shoot, that is, Song Beibei sitting on the desk reading a photo, but only a side face, but the skin wins the snow, the outline of three-dimensional, long hair place  together in behind her ear, just a ray of morning sunshine from the window Shooted her long eyelashes like a layer of crushed gold, the whole portraitis out of the morning fog angel, pure incredible.

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