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TL: Riil-nim

As soon as the boss grabbed the curve he had dropped, a blue item window appeared in front of Muyeol.


[Lycanthrope’s claw]
Level: D-grade (Rare)
Category: Sword
Durability: 100
Muscle Strength+5
Bleeding Effect on attacking enemies.

It is a D-grade item, but rare.
The effect of muscle strength +5 is a huge buff now in the early days, and moreover the bleeding effect.
Muyeol’s hand, which was grabbing the sword’s handle, was even more powerful.
He thought that he would never be able to escape from the E-grade steel blade until his death, but now he gained the first rare item for the first time.

Feeling the heavyweight, Muyeol felt strange, but he shook his head
Like that.
“There’s no time to be sentimental.”
Muyeol braced himself.
The last one.

He spread out the Strong Swordsmanship that he saved for now.

Behind the Abandoned Mine.
If you just look at it, it was a place that everyone would pass by. Because once you have cleared the dungeon and gained the rewards, the only thing that appears in your mind will be ‘going back’.

The last person.
He was too genius to be called a geek.

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‘Because it is a short life tho.’
Even when you can’t live your life as much as you want, it is called living a life.
Muyeol did it to himself too.
‘But that person was different.’

A man who has decided his own death.
Slender body with white skin. The man who lived on battlegrounds more than he did, but he never lifted his sword.
Right one time before Muyeol died as expected.
He saw his face only.

‘Choi Hyuksoo.’
Lee Kangho’s bookseller, the man who put Manyu Forest, which was placed at the 3Base, in Lee Kangho’s hands only three years after they met.
He always made the viewer anxious with the ideas that mind-blowing and gambling-like tactics, but miraculously the result is always a victory.

However, the problem was great.
With a character like a moth (TN: which always go to the fire), even if he put his allies on death row, his idea of winning was at least a terror for the troops
Muyeol was also the same.
Since he was almost killed in his tactic.
‘I’m sure there will come a day when I’ll write my own strategy that you, who I cursed a lot, have come up with.’

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One out of those.

Kwang—! Kwang!! Kwang—!!!!
Strong Swordsmanship’s connector pierced exactly into the corner of the wall which was blocked by the rocks.
A blunt explosion rang inside the abandoned mine.
At that moment.

The back of the wall dangerously shook with the growling sound.
Muyeol’s sword started to split the part of the wall that it touched like a spider web.
It was only a line at first, then two lines, and it quickly spread in all directions, covering the front of the wall that was blocking Muyeol’s way.

The important thing started from now.
Muyeol seemed felt on the tip of his nose, the cold humid air that flowed through the cracked wall.

‘It is done.’
Muyeol thought like that as soon as he saw it.

Dungeon Break.

No one thought they could break the dungeon and changed the terrain.
He was really amazed at Choi Hyuksoo’s brain for knowing how he could smash everything like this.

‘This is the place of my dead friends.’

It was a war that gave victory to Lee Kangho, but the soldiers who were sacrificed by it.
After all, the soldiers were just long-term.

Himself as expected.
‘Now, the dungeon will collapse soon.’

Now it will not happen.
Muyeol started running without any further delay.

The humid air that keeps on flowing.

It tickled the tip of his nose.
Right at the back of the abandoned mine.
There is a huge waterfall which is the beginning of the mountain peak Naerimchun that flows to the 3Base.

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