Magan to Dangan o Tsukatte Isekai o Buchinuku!

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Episode 74

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Even though the other party is in a fighting stance, Ataru and Caro are facing the four adventurers without putting up their weapons.


"Hmm, that merchant isn't here, is he? ......"


Ataru muttered in boredom, as the man he had talked to when he went to greet the other party was not there.


"Ataru-sama, what should we do?"


"Hey, just give us all the items and the money!"


When Caro, who tilted her head in confusion, was asking Ataru what to do, the irritated man interrupted her.


r="ltr">"Maybe there's a guy controlling them or something, so we'll catch him alive."


However, Ataru and Caro didn't react to the man's words, as if they didn't hear him at all, and they calmly discussed how to handle the situation.


"Gosh, these guys ...... hey, let's do it!"


The man who realized that he was being ignored distorted his face in frustration, then signaled his companions to start fighting.


"They've got a temper, don't they? ...... are you ready for this?"


Ataru and Caro still didn't take battle stance or run away from the scene, they just watched the men's movements.


"Stop! Stop!"


The man who seemed to have noticed something and called out impatiently was the man who had broken the trap that Ataru had set up.


At his words, the adventurers stopped moving as if they had put on the brakes.


"Oh, they noticed."


Ataru's expression was one of admiration rather than surprise.


"Damn, it looks like they set a new trap while we were in the tent. Vin, make sure there are no magic-type traps!"


The female magician, called Finn, instantly became aware of the situation and checked for traps.


"It's okay, there don't seem to be any traps on that side!"


"It's a nice party, with each of you taking charge of a role. You don't have to do this, you can get paid well enough as long as you fulfill requests."


"ltr">Ataru commented on the well-coordinated movements of the men, but this only fueled their anger.


"Shut up! Let's go, you guys!"


The leader of the group, who was the first to come forward, was armed with a Great Sword and ran toward Ataru and Caro with it in his hands. In the meantime, Vin is chanting a spell and the man who removed the trap is moving to chase the leader guy with knives in both hands.


The man who removed the trap moves after the leader with knives in both hands.


By concentrating on one person, the other person will attack from a different direction. Since there were four of them, their strategy was to attack each of them in their own specialty.


And as a party of four, the last of them had yet to make a move.


"It would be interesting to see what they have left in the back."


Ataru had a high opinion of their party, as he kept a relaxed tone even though they were coming at him.


"It's a shame we have to do this just for that. ...... Caro!"

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In response to Ataru's voice, Caro ran vigorously with her natural leg strength. However, she went towards them without a weapon.


"What the fuck!"


The leader of the group tried to slash at Caro, who appeared in front of him, but Caro dodged the attack and slipped past the men, heading towards the ones who remained behind.




It was Vin's words. Perhaps she didn't expect that she would be the first to be targeted, but her eyes widened in astonishment, and she became flustered.


Running without emotion even to the point of coldness, Caro begins by blocking her movement as a wizard.


"I'm sorry!"


As the opponent was a woman, Caro apologized with a lowered eyebrow, but without hesitation, she struck her fist into her abdomen, knocking her out. As soon as she saw that the woman had fallen, she immediately moved on to her next action.


">"Now this one!"


Caro went towards the remaining man without making a single move. The man was ready to attack when Ataru and Caro showed an opening, but Caro knew this and targeted the second man to prevent him from doing so.


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But the man was somewhat more prepared now that he knew Vin had been hit first, and the thought that maybe he would be next came to mind, even if only vaguely.


r="ltr">"Oh my God!"


So, he had enough time to attack the oncoming Caro. The man took a one-handed sword in his hand.


"You're too late!"


Before he could even swing his sword, Caro was already at the man's chest, and hit him in the jaw with the bottom of her hand.[1]

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The man was shaken to the core by the shock of Caro's small hand, and he fell to his knees and lost consciousness.


"What the hell?"


The leader, who had been following Caro's movements with his eyes to see what happened in the blink of an eye, froze in stunned amazement as he saw his friends being knocked out one by one.


"Hey, hey, hey. Isn't it bad to look away in the middle of battle?"


Ataru, smiling wickedly, put his hand on the leader's shoulder and called out in a friendly tone.


"What? When did you get here!!!"


If the man's memory wasn't wrong, Ataru should have been farther away from him. But the leader of the group, startled by the sudden appearance behind him, distanced himself from Ataru in a hurry, but was even more surprised by what he saw.


"When did I get close to you? ...... or when did I defeat this guy? The former was when you were idly watching Caro's movements. And the moment you turned your gaze away from me was the moment I defeated him."


Both were done outside of the man's field of view, and in the blink of an eye, it was enough to discourage him from fighting. The man felt the blood drain from his body as he realized what kind of opponent, they had just made an enemy of.


"So, what do we do about ......? Are you still going to do this?"


The only remaining man shook his head helplessly in response to Ataru's question as he tilted his head back. And his hand, gripping his weapon, was completely loose.


"We surrender, we surrender. ....... We've been through many battles with the four of us working together. Because if we are split up and defeated like this, we will be helpless."


The man removes his hands from his weapon and raises his hands in surrender. With a metallic sound, the Great Sword fell to the ground.


"Well, I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to take your weapon. Also, I'm going to tie you up just in case."


Bringing in the fallen, Ataru and Caro restrained the four and gathered them in one place.




"So, why are we doing this? Even if your individual strength isn't that great, the four of you together can handle a request of reasonable difficulty."


The leader man's eyes widened for a moment when Ataru pointed out that they were working together, and then his expression twisted as he clenched his mouth in frustration.


"Is there a reason why you're ......?"


Ataru guessed from his expression that they must have their own reasons. Caro remained silent at Ataru's side, her expression hardening as she wondered what kind of situation would force them into submission despite their prowess.


"If you won't answer, I'll just have to leave you here."


However, even if there were certain circumstances, it did not change the fact that they tried to do something illegal, and it was not possible to let them go without any kind of reprimand.


"...... You were there. The merchant who was with us. He gave the order."


"That guy huh? There's no doubt that there was something different about that merchant."


The man nodded, a little downcast, at Ataru's words as if to remind him.


"Yeah, that's right. He's not just a merchant. ...... He's a..."


"That's enough, please."


Looking back towards the voice that interrupted him, he saw the merchant standing there. His expression, with the shade of the moon illuminating the darkness of the night, is clearly not the atmosphere of a merchant.


"It's not nice to betray me and tell my secrets. And even if you did, for example, it wouldn't be nice to hear it from someone else's mouth.">


The merchant narrowed his eyes at the adventurer guarding him, his tone nonchalant, but his words filled with a quiet anger.


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