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Volume 1 Chapter 36 – Conclusion of the Storm

Actually, there were two weapons that Ouyang Tao was currently controlling but Edward could only see one. The other one he didn’t see —— This was due to the “toll” of using the Original Sins’ Power of Pride.

That’s right, it was easy to understand, a prideful person would definitely not know what laid above them.

He could save both Tia and his sister at the same time but he chose not to do so……

If he were to attack Edward’s hands, he would lose the best opportunity to attack Lucifer’s Crown.

Ouyang Tao was very certain that Edward’s aim now was to escape, and once he escaped, he would never be able to save Edward from the Demon King’s Relic anymore. Ouyang Tao refused to give up on his friend.

So he had to gamble!

“Choose now!” Edward seemed to have become agitated, because he knew, the longer this dragged on, the faster the troops would arrive. “I’ll count to three! One!”

Am I certain? Ouyang Tao asked himself again. Should I really do this? If it went wrong, he would regret this for the rest of his life.

“Two!” The sharp blade had already slashed the skin on Tia’s neck and blood trickled down. Tia closed her eyes, feeling as if that it was the countdown to the end of her life.

With little time left, Ouyang Tao steeled his heart and made his decision.

“Three!” As Edward said that, he put strength in the sword in his hand and prepared to cut off Tia’s head. At that instant, the energy bullet of the “Electrical.Longbow” was obviously faster, hitting the sword out of Edward’s right hand, saving Tia from danger.

The other “Electrical.Longbow” in the sky fired off as well, accurately hitting Lucifer’s crown.

Strength left Edward as soon as the Lucifer’s crown was hit, and Ouyang Xue who was in his left hand fell to the ground. His hands held his head tightly, as he backed away. “No…… NOOO…… IT SHOULDN’T BE LIKE THIS…… NOOOOOO —— !”

However, at this time, something abnormal happened to the relic. The magic seemed to have escaped after the relic was damaged and it backlashed at the user.

A sea of flame soon engulfed Edward and he let out howls of desperation: “AHHHH —— ! So hot! Save me! Save me! I don’t want to dieeeeeee —— !”

“Edward —— !” Ouyang Tao wanted to rush to save him but was stopped by Tia.

“Are you crazy! Those are magical flames, you will die with him!”

“I can’t do nothing about it!”

In this dangerous time, magic pierced through space and shot from the empty sky. The instant Edward was shot, all the flames extinguished and Edward was separated from Lucifer’s Crown.

“Edward!” Ouyang Tao immediately ran to verify his condition “Great, you’re alright…… That’s great……”

Then, Tia picked up the Lucifer’s Crown on the side —— It looked like a normal red metal headband and magic could not be felt from it.

Tia was suddenly curious, could such a thing really be the legendary Demon King Relic?

“Aish…… That’s an imitation……” In her confusion, a deep low voice was suddenly heard. Tia turned and saw a man in black shirt, standing three to four steps away from her, who shook his head regretfully.

“What did you……” Before she had finished talking, the Lucifer’s Crown in her hand shattered —— Just as the man in black shirt has said, it was not a real Demon King Relic.

“Although I do not know who you are, I thank you for saving my friend.” Ouyang Tao did not think too much and just simply thanked the man.

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The man in black shirt did not follow Ouyang Tao’s conversation and just looked at Ouyang Tao’s left hand: “However, the one in your hand is the real thing.”

“What real thing? And, who are you?” Ouyang Tao pursed in questioning him.

“My identity is of no good use to you. It’s best you two treat it as you haven’t seen me before.” The man in black shirt said as he turned around. A spatial magical array appeared and a classical horse carriage pulled by four horses appeared from the middle of it.

The black horse was exceptionally strong. Its whole body had muscles that were well-defined like an obsidian and its hooves were filled with cracks from lava —— This was not just any ordinary horse, it was a magical horse from hell.

The design of the carriage was also abnormal. The body of the carriage was made of a special element from hell, using a special kind of craftsmanship that had already been lost in time. Its physical defence was not below a sturdy fortress that was blessed with enchantments.

The man boarded the carriage: “Farewell.”

Then, followed with a neigh, the horses soon disappeared back into the spatial magical array. It was as though it had not even appeared at all.

Following Edward’s defeat, the frightening attacks on students finally came to a conclusion.

Several days later, at the checkpoint outside Augustus Academy, a magical stone powered car stopped there —— It was the car that was supposed to escort Edward to the borders.

Due to Edward being a member of the Archduke’s family, coupled with Ouyang Tao’s strong defence for him, claiming that he was only under the influence of the fake Demon King’s relic, it saved Edward from a jail sentence.

However, Edward’s punishment was still quite severe —— He was disowned as a member of the archduke’s family, demoted to a peasant and exiled to a bordering town to become a small official, unable to return to the capital forever.

Edward did not complain and accepted calmly. To him, not being a member of the great archduke’s family might not be a bad thing.

“Don’t be sad for me…… This is what I deserved……” Edward wore casual clothes, pulled his luggage and his weak laughter was filled with apology, “Furthermore, this might not be a bad thing. Finally…… I can do whatever I want *Cough cough*……”

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“No need to say anything, no matter what, I still treat you as a friend and senior.” Ouyang Tao who had come to see him off hugged him tightly, “Keep in touch.”

“Of course.” After the two separated, Edward nodded, “Help me apologise to your sister.”

Ouyang Xue had not come to send Edward off. To Edward, he no longer had the conscience to see Ouyang Xue.

“I did not tell Ah Xue anything, in her heart, you are still the same kind senior.”

“Hehe, thank you, goodbye.”

As he finished, Edward boarded the car and left. Ouyang Tao watched as they left, only until the car completely disappeared from sight did he slowly turn around and leave.

Another person also came to send him off. That person was Tia. However, her real motive was to take the opportunity to ask Ouyang Tao a question that was bugging her the past few days: “Why did you choose to save me?”

“Because……” Because Ouyang Tao believed Edward. He bet on the fact that he would not harm Ouyang Xue. However, he did not really want to explain that and just habitually revealed his silly laughter: “Heh heh, want to guess?”

Although Tia wanted to know the answer badly, seeing Ouyang Tao’s face that did not seem to care, there was suddenly an unfounded anger in her: “I can’t be bothered to guess……”

“Anyway, why did you come send him off?”

Hearing this, Tia felt the urge to give Ouyang Tao a punch. Luckily, her noble lady teachings prevented her from doing it. She replied him with a question: “You can guess.”

However, Ouyang Tao seemed to pay no attention to it: “Heh heh, it does not matter to me.”

This brat…… Anger was rising in Tia and she even clenched her fist. However, after a deep breath, she managed to relax: “No matter what, I owe you one.”

“Oh, how do you want to repay that?”

“You…… How do you want me to repay that?”

Ouyang Tao had just asked casually, not expecting Tia to become nervous again.

“No idea, you can owe me first.” Ouyang Tao replied casually.

“Humph…… But let me say first, don’t expect me to let you win in a scoring match. That’s not possible.” As she spoke, she whistled out loud and her private horse galloped over from a distance. The young lady rode it with experience.

“Can’t you bring me along?”

“Fat chance. Go back yourself.” As Tia spoke, she whipped her horse, pulling away from Ouyang Tao.

Ouyang Tao smiled bitterly and shook his head. He slowly made his way back to the Academy.

What should I do next?

Go back to the dormitory to experiment?

Go to the library to read?

Ouyang Tao thought it through and decided to go accompany his sister.

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