Paranormal World (The Semi-Physical World)


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Chapter 20: Looking for Gu Pianpian

Jiangcheng was a provincial capital which had passage to nine provinces. After half an hour of inter-city train travel, I was going to step into this enormous and flourishing city for the third time.

"Brother, do you need a lodge? It is newly opened; clean, hygienic and cheap." I had just stepped out of the train when a young girl came up to me and struck a conversation.

"No need!" I shook my head to the girl. When going on a journey, it was better to be careful with people who try to lure the customers.

Of course, not all those people who lured customers were unreliable, but what if you met one? In this world, never be afraid of all the times that went okay, but be afraid of the one time that goes wrong.

"Brother, stay for the night. Little sister can accompany you at night!" The young girl sent a flirtatious look. I became more firm in my decision to not stay at her affiliated lodge when I heard this.

It was not that I didn't have lust or that my orientation had problem; I was just afraid that I would be cheated. And at that time, there might be several burly men who would say I forced their daughter in law and I would have no way to explain it.

"My girlfriend is waiting for me ahead. Sorry, beautiful girl." I repeatedly rejected her. I didn't want to offend these people; these locals were not likely to help people, but were pretty good in beating them.

"Alright, remember to give some attention to little sister's work next time!" The young girl didn't continue to nag after that. She politely replied and then went to welcome the next traveller coming off the train.

"To Jiangcheng college!" Coming out of the train station, I went to a taxi that was waiting nearby.

"Skipping college and going for fun?" The taxi driver was about fifty and was quite good natured. He looked at my face and teasingly asked.

<p>"I am here to see my younger sister!" I placed my backpack on the seat, stretched my body and replied. Skipping college? I was not able to do that now.

It should be that I want to do but I no longer have the opportunity to do that. I didn't study much and didn't continue my studies after graduating from high school. I honestly felt some envy  when I looked at those peers who would go to the college.

"Oh, working outside to provide for the younger sister's college? Nowadays, college study is not cheap." The taxi driver had quite an imaginative mind; he interpreted my words into a sad drama show where the brother dropped out of school to provide for sister's education.

"Ah, yes." I felt that the conversation would become more random, so I rubbed my nose and just agreed with the driver's thought process.

"Jiangcheng college is a first class educational establishment, your sister should be really hard working. Unlike our daughter who makes a mess of everything she does. I married after reaching thirty and had her. Is raising a child easy? We don't even get any appreciation after all we do and she doesn't even stay at home." The driver's thoughts took a large turn and started complaining.

"We all have our own destiny and our own path. Maybe in a few years, your daughter will give you a pleasant surprise." A cheerful conversation could only be through talking about happy things.

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"It would be great, but I won't count on it. Don't let the surprise be something that would let me down." The driver thought of lawsuit when he talked about his daughter.

All along the way, we chatted about the country's economy and how the price had inflated again.

"Finally!" Unknowingly, we had already reached Jiangcheng college.

I paid the money and left towards the college. I talked with the security guard in the college entrance and was finally taking a step into a college for the first time in my life. That wooded path, the tall trees, those scantily clad girls were all a feast for my eyes.

Apart from feasting my eyes, I discovered a cruel fact; I was lost!

"Hey friend, can you tell me where the female dormitory is?" I stopped a girl and asked.

"Stinky hoodlum!" The girl rolled her eyes and then proudly walked away like a swan.

"What?" I looked at the girl who was over hundred kg and scratched my head. Wasn't I only asking for the way? How did that connect me to a hoodlum? And me, a hoodlum?

"Where….." I turned around and saw a quiet glasses girl and was about to ask her for the directions.

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"Sorry, your pick up lines are out of date. First, I won't accept any invitation to dinner. Second, I won't go with you to watch movie, third I won't tell you my number. Ciao!" The girl then left quickly after having thrown a series of bombs at me.

"Ah…highly educated people are really different from normal people!" I looked at the girl's back and sincerely thought.

After a lot of difficulties, I finally got the directions to the girls dormitory from a fellow man.

I looked at the seven floors tall building in front of me. There were rows of lingeries hanging on the corridor; I involuntarily tried to go inside.

"Ahya, why are you barging in?!" Without waiting for me to enter, an aunt who was wearing a red armband blocked me.

"Ah, I am looking for someone." Looking at this aunt who looked quite valiant, I stopped and said.

"The men who come here are all looking for someone. I don't care what you do off-college, but inside the college there are certain rules. College is a place for study; not a place for you guys to pick up girls." The aunt had an expression that said she hated evil and was gnashing her teeth when looking at me.

"Wha, aunt, I am looking for my younger sister!" Without any other choice, I could only use this reason again.

"What's your sister's name?" The aunt's expression eased a bit when she heard this. But why did I feel so strange when I heard her question?

"Gu Pianpian!" I revealed Gu Pianpian's name.

"Forget it, you are the sixth person who used this excuse to look for her today. Don't think I am old and can be deceived. Get out, you won't get in this building today." Hearing Gu Pianpian's name, the aunt's eased up expression became taut again.

"She is really my sister. If you don't believe me, just call her down!" I was looking for Gu Pianpian so I could remember her face. But I became a bit worried when I saw the aunt's determination in not letting me enter.

"You are really her brother?" A chubby girl who had heard my and the aunt's conversation, came running over panting and asked me.

"Yes, do you recognize her? Are you her friend?" I promptly nodded.

"Quick, come with me!" The chubby girl pulled my hand and ran.

"Ah friend, who are you?" I asked her while being dragged.

"Pianpian is being bullied. You came just at the right time, help her fast!" The chubby girl was gasping as she replied.

"Bitch, just because you have some good looks, you go seducing around? Today, I will scar your face!" I ran with the fatty to a place where I saw several female students carrying knives.

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