Picking Up a General to Plow the Fields

Chapter 42: Staying

Chapter 42: Staying

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Lian Fang Zhou hesitated a bit and then nodded: "As long as I am able to do it."

"You can! Of course you can!" The guy was so agitated that he unexpectedly stood up. Looking at Lian Fang Zhou he earnestly said, "Miss Lian, can you take me in?"

"Wh...What!" Lian Fang Zhou froze as her mind exploded.

"Can you take me in?" The guy looked at her earnestly as he asked and continued: "I won't eat free food. I can work for you! I am very robust, so no work is too hard for me! I just want...a place to shelter from the wind and rain. Can you promise me?"

The guy himself also didn't understand why he would make this kind of request, even after regaining his memory many years later.

In the end, he could only think of it as: This should be fate, right? Somehow it's heaven at work!

He got strong body and his look was very honest and sincere. As he wandered, so many people were persuading him to stay at their place but he tactfully declined all. But after reaching Lian Family's place, he actually don't want to leave. Not even one step.

The pair of bright deep black eyes gazed at her earnestly. His aura and attitude were full of sincerity. This made Lian Fang Zhou immediately look away, not daring to look him--rejecting him would made you feel guilty and wrong.

"Sister, let Big Brother stay!" Unable to endure it anymore, Lian Ze came out of the room and spoke: " Now it's already late autumn and winter is coming soon. Where could Big Brother go to survive winter?"

"That's right! That's right, Sister! Winter is really cold! Really cold!"

"Sister, Big Brother is a good person. Let him stay!"

Lian Fang Qing and Lian Che also came over to help speak for the guy.

The three siblings all talking combined with that guy's eagered gaze made Lian Fang Zhou's head spin. She felt like she nearly can't take it all.

She can't help but feel curious: ever since Lian Ze saw the guy's martial art, his eyes kept on shining, so she know what he was planning. But the two little ones, why are they helping him with such gusto?

She didn't know that Lian Ze said this behind her back: "His martial art is very powerful. If he stay at our home, nobody would dare bully us, or bully sister! " And this completely persuaded Lian Fang Qing and Lian Che

While the three young one plead enthusiastically, Third Aunt popped in from outside and also spoke out: "Fang Zhou, let him stay then! The guy, he got so much strength. So it's perfect if he stays and works! With just you and Lian Ze, there's a lot of work you can't do... Well, I'm just stating the truth!"

Seeing Lian Fang Zhou glare at her, Third Aunt bitterly added the last sentence.

Lian Fang Zhou got a headache from all their noise and with addition to the guy's earnest expression, her heart softened. Unable to refrain from nodding, she spoke: "Alright! Then... we'll talk about it after winter passes!"

Although the guy looks honest, but to know one's face is not to know one's heart!

She got to defend against the chance of it happening.

Lian Fang Zhou avoided a definite answer and kept an advantage for talking about it in future. Secondly, let him be mentally warned: I did not promise to let you stay!

Lian Fang Zhou also glanced at Third Aunt and thought that it was the right choice to let Third Aunt stay at the beginning! If Third Aunt wasn't here, with just them four siblings, they can't take him in no matter how pitiful he was.

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Without any adult in the house, letting an unknown young man stay at their home while she is fifteen years old, those rumors and gossips could kill her!

With Third Aunt here, it's different.

Lian Fang Qing and Lian Che are still young, so they didn't understand the meaning of Lian Fang Zhou's words and kept on vigorously making a scene. They were so focused that they did not see that a smile already appearing on Lian Ze's face.

Third Aunt clapped her hands as she laughed: "You two are really silly. Why make a ruckus? Your sister already agreed!"

"Really?" Both Lian Fang Qing and Lian Ze were surprised and full of joy as they looked at her.

Lian Fang Zhou grinned: "For now, it's like this."

The three siblings shouted out in joy. The guy was also surprised and happy. He kept on thanking her.

Third Aunt smiled like a cheshire cat: we got a free worker to boss around! That's splendid!

The most important thing is that this guy is very polite to her, willing to listen to her. This is really, really perfect!

"You're welcome!" Lian Fang Zhou grinned. Seeing that everyone this happy, she also felt happy as well, nice and warm inside.

"Ah, since the big guy wants to stay in our home, he'll need a name, right?" Third Aunt suddenly mentioned.

Big guy?

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Lian Fang Zhou's brow slightly, very slightly pinched. In her mind, she subconsciously imagined how Third Aunt high and mightily called him 'big guy' as she ordered him to work for the whole day today and felt she done him wrong.

"He should have a name!" Lian Fang Zhou nodded.

Third Aunt couldn't believe that Lian Fang Zhou actually didn't vetoed her words--- she didn't think how there's no reason to reject the idea.

With the newfound energy, she spoke with a very self-conceited smile: "I have already thought of a name, let's call him Yuan Bao (means: a shaped ingot of gold or silver, used as money or as a gift for luck and prosperity, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sycee)!"

Lian Fang Zhou immediately started coughing---she choked on her own spit!

"No way! Too showy!" Lian glared at Third Aunt with outrage. Beside refuting her, she also have another meaning: if you don't know how to adjust, then talk less!

What kind of name is this! She felt too embarrassed to even said it.

Big guy doesn't really care about what he is called. Hmm...however, his personal opinion is that he also doesn't like this name.

He turned to Lian Fang Zhou, with a sheepish smile: "How about Miss Lian give me a name! Feel free to call me whatever, it's fine as long as it's convenient to say."

Giving a name is an important matter, so of course it's more suitable for the family head handling it. The three younger siblings kept their mouth closed and they all stared at Lian Fang Zhou.

Lian Fang Zhou gave it some thought, then spoke out: "Let's call you Ah Jian then!" 

"Alright, from now on, I'm called Ah Jian!" The big guy grinned as he nodded.

Naturally the three little one would agree with it. They then called out with a smile: "Big Brother Jian!"

"Ah Jian!" Third Aunt also called out once but also mumbled quietly: "I still feel that Yuan Bao sounds nicer..."

The three little ones didn't hear her and continued greeting Ah Jian. Lian Fang Zhou heard it and pretend she didn't hear her.

"That's all now. Time to eat! Everybody, don't you feel hungry?" Lian Fang Zou chuckled as she commented.

"Let's eat! Let's eat!" The children then started become busy as they grabbed the bowls and moved the stools. The swaying human shadows from faint yellow light were filled with faint warmth.

After that, Ah Jian stayed in Lian Family's home, sharing the room with the Lian brothers. To others, they say he is a distant relative of their mother. His family got no land, so firstly he came over to find a shelter and secondly to help the Lian siblings.

After Mrs Qiao found out, she once hid somewhere to secretly observe Ah Jian and saw that he is tall and strong. With one glance, she could tell he is filled with endless energy and not the kind that is thieving, crafty and lazy.

Immediately Mrs Qiao felt upset and extremely envious.

Maybe spread some rumors behind their back-- without thinking, it's obvious what kinds of words they are.

Lian Ze was boiling with anger. He wanted to immediately go to Uncle's house to ask for an explanation.

Inside, he is filled with remorse and regret: if he knew that letting Ah Jian would cause such trouble, he probably wouldn't have said those words! But...

Ah Jian felt terrible when he found out and was silent the whole day. Then turned to Lian Fang Zhou to bid farewell.

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