Seven Unfortunate Lifetimes, All Thanks to a Single Moment of Impulse

Chapter 54

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Chapter 54 CK and XXZ special: Happy life?

After Chu Kong came back, the first one he went to see was Xiao Xiang Zi. It let the Jade emperor send two emissaries over to drag him to the celestial palace.

In this seven lifetimes’ tour through the human realm and the netherworld, Xiao Xiang Zi and Chu Kong got rid of a bad immortal who harmed the living beings. She, herself slightly transformed into one of the two unmarried youths in heaven, bringing the public a lot of joy.

Jade emperor’s opened his mouth. He tapped on the table and decided: “Well, need rewarding.”

So the two people stood neatly in front of the hall and heard what for reward they had gotten. Chu Kong’s official post was reinstated, his salary rose with five teals and one courtyard was awarded with four servants. Xiao Xiang Zi was promoted to the same rank as god Yue Lao. Still working at Yue Lao temple, helping Yue Lao sort out the red strings with a monthly salary of five teals.

“In addition.”

Jade emperor touched his beard.

“When are you two planning on doing that matter?”

Xiao Xiang Zi was immersed in the joy of getting a salary of five teals and didn’t hear what he said after that.

Chu Kong replied without hesitation: “As soon as possible.”

Jade emperor rubbed his beard in satisfaction: “You should make big arrangements for this wedding of yours.”

Chu Kong led Xiao Xiang Zi away from the celestial palace. Far away, the sound of Jade emperor’s big laughter could be heard among the lamenting of the officials: “I said right off that these two things would be together! Come, pay me money, pay me money!”

Chu Kong did as if he never heard that. He held Xiao Xiang Zi’s hand and leisurely walked down the stairs to the celestial palace.

Xiao Xiang Zi had been covering her mouth while snickering: “Now, I’m also someone who has a salary. Now, I’m also someone who has a salary.”

Compared to Xiao Xiang Zi’s pure joy at this moment, Chu Kong just soared. He remembered many things of the past. The taste of his heart felt complicated. He didn’t have enough time to sort out his emotional state, when a shadow suddenly enveloped the two.

They looked up. Heavenly emperor Tuo Ta Lee stood magnificent before them. His face hid behind a big beard. His eyes were dark that they were difficult to see through.

Chu Kong’s intuition told him that heavenly emperor Lee was angry this time. Suddenly ,he saw a white onion like hand patt heavenly emperor Lee’s belly with a ‘pa’ sound. Xiao Xiang Zi laughed a little savagely: “Big bearded Lee, before you wanted me to live a life of the little wife chasing the husband. Look, who is chasing who, ah? Have you even calculated one lifetime correct in these seven lifetimes?”

These words made Chu Kong’s face pale. Heavenly emperor Lee also shook his beard. Xiao Xiang Zi pulled Chu Kong’s arm: “We’ve matters to attend to. We’ll go ahead.”

After walking for a while, Xiao Xiang Zi turned and saw that Chu Kong’s expression wasn’t very good. Her heart pondered for a while, narrowed her eyes and said: “Is it that you don’t want to admit to the fact that you really chased me for seven lifetimes?”

Chu Kong laughed: “I admit. Why shouldn’t I admit? Left and right, you’re a bag that only I can use. As long as you’re no match for me in the future, is the past still important?”

Xiao Xiang Zi’s raised an eyebrow: “Do you want to try to have a match?”

Chu Kong turned to look at Xiao Xiang Zi. He raised his hand and pinched her cheek. While smiling evilly, he said: “Don’t hurry; we still have a long time to go.”


The night that Xiao Xiang Zi and Chu Kong got married, all the immortals were drunk. Without such a happy event for a long time, everyone seemed to discharge a lot.

Chu Kong entered the wedding chamber and saw his newly wed wife sitting quietly on the bed. His heart shook intolerable. Such a quiet Xiao Xiang Zi was really a too rare sight. He stood in front of Xiao Xiang Zi for a long time. Xiao Xiang Zi also didn’t hurry. She quietly waited for him to lift her red veil.

Due to the fact that Xiao Xiang Zi was really too quiet, Chu Kong couldn’t bear to break the silence. But without lifting the veil, things couldn’t be done……Chu Kong pondered and decided to nevertheless lift Xiao Xiang Zi’s veil. Then…..his expression suddenly became stiff.

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His bride under the veil had a mouth full of oil after eating. Chu Kong sighed: “I just know that too quiet is definitely not a good thing……”

Xiao Xiang Zi looked once aggrieved at Chu Kong and muttered: “This marriage is really unequal. You eat and drink outside and I needed to suffer hunger inside. I was so hungry that I just needed to get something to eat. Otherwise, if we get married next time, we can change. I’ll go outside and greet them. You wait inside. I saw a lot of good wine……”

Chu Kong rubbed the veins that were about to explode on his forehead.

“This sort of thing was better not to have a next time!”

Xiao Xiang Zi with a mouth full of oil touched her stomach contentedly.

“It’s better to do things while being full.”

Chu Kong blushed and looked away.

“What……what did you eat?”

Xiao Xiang Zi lifted her fingers and began to count. Chu Kong glared at her for quite a while and saw that she was still counting, he sighed. He scratched his head and then his heart became ruthless. He grabbed Xiao Xiang Zi’s chin and smiled with squinted eyes: “I know you’re stupid. I’ll personally try it.”


His lips touched his wife’s. His tongue gently touched Xiao Xiang Zi’s lips and then went in. Not entangling for long, Chu Kong released her. Xiao Xiang Zi asked curiously: “Have you tasted what I’ve eaten?”

Chu Kong’s expression was serious: “No, I need to explore more carefully.”

Then he used one whole night to carefully explore…….

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The next morning, when Xiao Xiang Zi woke up, she asked very persistently: “In the end, have you tasted what I ate yesterday?”

Chu Kong raised his hand and brought her in his embrace. He pressed her down and firmly replied: “Me.”

[Star Observatory] The two things moved into the courtyard that the Jade emperor gifted. They lived a happy life mixed with a bit of noise. They brought the deer horse demon to heaven, saying it was a riding horse, but in fact he was treated like a pet.

This evening, Ying Shi came to look for Chu Kong: “Big brother Chu Kong, let’s go watch the stars.

Chu Kong pondered and then nodded: “Mm, alright.”

Then he shouted: “Xiao Xiang Zi, let’s go to the Star Observatory to watch stars.”

Timely, Xiao Xiang Zi was brushing the deer horse’ demon’s hairs. Upon hearing this, she patted the deer horse demon’s head: “Do you want to go to watch the stars tonight?”

The deer horse demon humphed while nodding. So, Xiao Xiang Zi said: “I’ll go after I finish brushing.”

After Chu Kong passed those words to Ying Shi, Ying Shi smiled a bit and said: “There’s someone waiting there for me. I’ll go first.”

However when the two of them arrived at the Star Observatory, they didn’t see Ying Shi and that “someone else”. Xiao Xiang Zi scratched her head: “Can it be that they aren’t watching the stars here?”

Chu Kong sat down on the ground. While looking at the star’s road, he said: “It’s just right with nobody here. It’s quiet.”

Xiao Xiang Zi also sat down. Suddenly, she remembered something: “Ah, after seeing the stars, I suddenly remembered. These two days, I forgot to tell you. I’m pregnant.”

Chu Kong nodded indifferently then his body stiffened: “What……”

“I’m pregnant.”

Chu Kong’s mouth slowly fell down: “Boy or girl?”

“How should I know?”


In the first chapter, Chu Kong promised Ying Shi to go count the star’s at the Morningstar’s Hall. This chapter Ying Shi asked Chu Kong to go watch the stars with her at the Star Observatory.

So, this is the end of the book. Although, it was a happy ending, I felt it was a bit unfinished. Why did heavenly emperor Lee appear before them without doing anything? He could’ve at least scolded them for messing up the 7 lifetimes. Besides, I felt that the story of Ying Shi was a bit underdeveloped. But I enjoyed this book very much.

How I feel now: This is the first book which I’ve translated completely. I feel relieved at sad now. Relieved because I finished it! I’m so happy that I could finish it. Sad because I needed to part with it now and I’m gonna miss arrogant Chu Kong. Bye bye.

Little review:

Chu Kong: too shy, too arrogant and too unromantic, but very cute. I felt that he was the character who developed the most in this novel. After the first lifetime, he realized his feelings and was like how XXZ said it, chasing her. He became from a childish man to a mature man, although he really blushes too easily. I liked all 7 him.

Xiao Xiang Zi: too immature and too slow in the matters of love. She didn’t develop that much as a character. Aside from the second lifetime, every lifetime, I see her as her. The last lifetime was the lifetime which she developed the most as character.>

The book was funny, but without much depth. It was a light read. I, personally prefer books with more depth. But because this book wasn’t a book with depth, it was easy to translate. I would give this book a 4/5 stars.


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