Spring Trees and Sunset Clouds

Chapter 54 (End)

Chapter 54 (End)

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Today, the pregnant Chun Jiao-jie invited them for lunch.

Mo Shu didn’t have any time to spare, so Nan Ge Er went over in representation of them.

Since everyone frolicked for quite some time, it was already dinnertime when Nan Ge Er returned to the government office. He carried the takeaways to the kitchen hurriedly—Mo Shu was usually back around this time.

As he remembered the scene of drunken fellows just then while walking, he couldn’t help laughing.

A lot of people were brought back from outside during the trip with Da Xia and the others, hence Guang Tian got more and more bustling. Many youngsters visited Chun Jiao’s house to join in the fun. Chun Jiao hopped around with her large belly in complete disregard of her baby, giving Ah Fang-ge an enormous headache.

When Nan Ge Er reached the kitchen, he realized the previously shut door was wide open.

He poked his head in to take a look, noticing Mo Shu-Xian sheng was squatting in front of the kitchen stove while doing something at present.

“Finally back, huh?” Mo Shu hmphed sourly, without even turning back to face him.

Black lines fell on Nan Ge Er’s face—what in the world are you feeling bitter for?

Nan Ge Er strolled towards Mo Shu, placing a small stool down and sitting beside him, “What are you doing?”

“Since no one cooked for me, I roasted corn myself,” Mo Shu huffed in resentment.

Even if I stayed in the government office as I normally would, you are still the one cooking, alright?

“It was fun visiting Chun Jiao-jie’s house today. It is so crowded and lively.” After dissing him in his heart, Nan Ge Er changed the topic.

“Yeah, so you played so much you forgot to come back, right?” Mo Shu spat out a bitter reply.

Oi! Your absence is precisely the reason why those guys harped on and teased me, and even tried to force me to drink, okay?!

“I brought some food for you,” Nan Ge Er spoke again.

“You only remembered I’m waiting for you at home after you finished eating, right?” Mo Shu continued begrudging.

Truly exhausted at that moment, Nan Ge Er turned his head to look at Mo Shu, “What exactly are you so crossed about? I just got back a little later; that’s all, isn’t it?”

“I didn’t even catch a glimpse of you the whole day today!” As though a fuse was detonated in Mo Shu, he whirled over, giving a nearly ballistic reply while gazing at Nan Ge Er with eyes filled with gloom, resentment, and misery.

It isn’t all that tragic, is it? You are making it as if I did something heinous.

Aren’t you able to see me every day?!

Black lines dropped onto Nan Ge Er’s forehead.

“When I go off to work in the morning, you aren’t awake yet. When I return in the afternoon, you have gone out already. And now, you took so long to come home.” Mo Shu continued his grumbles.

“Oh I know, you’re getting tired of me, right? Xiao Nan, you changed. You’ve changed since that day. You complained my cooking was too salty yesterday, too bland the day before, and that it didn’t suit your taste three days ago. Are you dissatisfied with me? You must get things straight with me today!”

Nan Ge Er listened to Mo Shu resenting complaints with a head chock-full of black lines—Oi, what’s with that bitter-housewife-like tone of yours?!

The last sentence Mo Shu spouted rendered Nan Ge Er utterly speechless.

“Ever since we got physically attached and consummated our relationship, you have grown colder,” Mo Shu growled, “Are you bored of me, and stopped caring once you had a taste of me?”

Nan Ge Er was in total chaos due to Mo Shu.

What the heck?!

What do you mean by ‘consummated our relationship’? What do you mean by ‘stopped caring once you had a taste of me’?

I’m the one who is pushed down by you every night, okay?! In fact, I’m at a greater disadvantage, okay?! When did you become so thick-skinned? I’m finding it embarrassing even to hear you say that!

“Shut up!” Nan Ge Er lifted up his head, shooting a ferocious glare at Mo Shu.

Where does this brazen guy come from? Why isn’t there a hero of justice exterminating this idiot, and letting him poison my ears instead?!

However, he was met with Mo Shu’s mirthful eyes once his raised his head.

He’s teasing me…

I have been teased by a hopelessly stupid love-struck fool!

Nan Ge Er felt a deep blow inside.

His hair was about to poof up from the humiliating rage bubbling in him. Mo Shu, sharp-eyed and nimble, reached out and stroked Nan Ge Er’s head, flattening his puffed up hair while he was at it. “Though I said that a little jokingly…” he exerted a bit more force with his hand, “still, don’t get too serious.”

“Huh?” Clueless as to why Mo Shu told him that without rhyme or reason, Nan Ge Er glanced at Mo Shu in confusion.

“Don’t get too serious.” Mo Shu chuckled—although he was smiling, the joy in his expression didn’t reach his eyes.

Instead, his eyes contained a seriousness rarely seen in him.

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“I’m the one who’s the most important of all; everyone else has to be behind me on your list, understood?” His voice was soft, but the pressure radiated imperceptibly was quite stifling, “Your reason for staying here is me, not them, right?”

Truth be told, Guang Tian is one of the reasons why I accepted you, not the other way around. You really overestimated your charm. Nan Ge Er dissed in his heart.

Of course, he was tactful not to get under Mo Shu’s skin. He simply kept quiet.

“So, don’t get too serious with them. I’m the most important.” With that conclusion, Mo Shu tilted his face, his fingers gently touching Nan Ge Er’s lips, “Alright?”

Since Mo Shu asked so nicely…

“Alright,” Nan Ge Er nodded.

This is the truth anyway.

Nan Ge Er answered obediently, dissolving the chilling aura surrounding Mo Shu in an instant.

Mo Shu laughed softly, before picking out a few tender pieces of corn from the corn cob he roasted and setting them on Nan Ge Er’s palm, “Ah Fang must have been really troubled today.”

See? Even if you weren’t there, you still know everything happening at Guang Tian like the back of your hand.

After a nod to Mo Shu, Nan Ge Er tossed the corn on his palm into his mouth, bobbing his head while chewing.

“More people will be coming back from outside some time later,” Mo Shu announced.

“Hmm?” Nan Ge Er lifted his head; the nibbling made his cheeks bear some resemblance to a certain rodent.

Mo Shu couldn’t help himself from reaching over to pinch those cheeks.

He only continued unhurriedly after resting his hands down, “This time, the ones coming back are returning from Jun Yao.”

Nan Ge Er was stunned at first, figuring it out following next, “You mean…” Actually, quite a few people had returned one after another during the lengthy time Nan Ge Er spent in Guang Tian. However, the batch coming back with him last year had the most number of citizens.

Since Mo Shu specially mentioned about it, then the numbers in the group returning probably wouldn’t be as low as it normally was; the numbers being on the higher end was very possible.

Moreover, as Mo Shu stated, they were coming back from Jun Yao.

Most likely, the majority of people residing in Jun Yao would be back—just like previously when the scholar in Bei Jun brought his household along while gathering Guang Tian citizens back home.

“Although the state of affairs is stable now,” Mo Shu muttered, “we have already noticed something going on. In the next two years, those living in the outside will return here.”

Soon, the outside would descend into war again.

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Strictly speaking, the balance of various major powers broke long ago when Bei Jun’s king hung himself.

“About how many years will it take?”

“No more than five,” Mo Shu’s answer was confident. “It will probably take merely three years if it progresses fast.” Enough time for those foolish insects of the outside world to set off a presumptuous unrest, and spread the turmoil to the entire world.

“So, will everyone in Guang Tian come back?”

“Not all of them,” Mo Shu informed “After all, wars will bring about development in the world, so we need to learn too.” He petted Nan Ge Er’s head, “Besides, the presence of heroes is much more needed in times of chaos, isn’t it?”

Nan Ge Er was shocked for a brief moment, before chuckling lightly, “True.”

“What do you want to eat tomorrow?” Mo Shu ended the topic, changing the subject to domestic trivia.

“Anything.” Nan Ge Er stood up indifferently, carrying the takeaways to the stove as he started to heat up the food.

“The doctor said that you are getting a lot better,” his tone was brimming with pride.

Nan Ge Er curled his lips, “Mn.” Of course I am. Every day, I stick to my training, eat my meals on time, rise and sleep early, and also keep myself joyful…

Ugh, alright. Maybe I should add my nightly ‘trainings’ to this too?

Once the thought popped into Nan Ge Er’s mind, he couldn’t help making a face. He turned towards Mo Shu, “What exactly are you trying to imply?” What are you being proud for?!

Mo Shu lifted up his head and blinked, feigning innocence, “I heard that not eating till you’re full will shrink your appetite in the long term.”

<p>Nan Ge Er twitched his lips fiercely as he looked down at Mo Shu from above, “I remember you saying I’m the one doing the eating. I’m full; thanks for your concern.”

“How is that possible?” Mo Shu looked at Nan Ge Er with earnest and decent eyes. “I don’t think you’re full at all.”

“But I think I’m really full.” Nan Ge Er gritted his teeth.

“Don’t say that…” Mo Shu finally began to pester him incessantly. He hugged Nan Ge Er’s legs in a swoop, rubbing them without a shred of dignity, “I’m not full; I’m not full. I want to eat; I want to eat.&rdquo;

Nan Ge Er responded impassively, “Hold your horses, I’ll heat up these ‘leftovers’ fast,” he emphasized, “so you can eat them soon.”

“You know full well that isn’t what I meant!” Mo Shu’s hands started fondling him all over.

“Hey! Stop messing around!”

“I’m as decent as I can be.” Mo Shu replied with a twinkle in his eyes


The world outside is on the verge of plunging into chaos. Every single being will be afflicted, as their grievous howls filled the air. Soon, the sound of war drums will echo all over, while iron hooves stampede through every nation.

However, in this tiny, well-fortified city, residents spend their daily, peaceful lives chit chatting.

And I am favored and cared for by both this place and everyone in it.

What a blessing it is.

—The End—

Final Words:


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Hope Nan Ge Er and Mo Shu can still be an inspiration for everyone to believe there are many things delightful in life.

Well then, see you in the next story! Thank you.

PS: As for the little brother spin-off everyone is discussing, I personally feel no need for it, as the main story stated it clearly. He simply committed a mistake every person usually would make. When Nan Ge Er was alive then, his little brother was sent up the throne because he was protected by Nan Ge Er. Besides, I’ve mentioned quite a few times that the power of Prince Li is massive. As a king, an official like that is obviously frightening. Hence, he feared Nan Ge Er and tortured Xiao Nan under the instigation of others. After the ‘death’ of Nan Ge Er, only when he found himself completely deserted did he realize he was actually protected by Nan Ge Er constantly, so he hung himself in Prince Li’s manor. This is why Mo Shu assessed, since Bei Jun’s king is kept in a cage, he could only accept his position as a dog no matter if he was a wolf…

Ahem..so, I think I’ve already made it clear~

Furthermore, as for spin-offs…I won’t continue writing about it. Even if I want to, I’ll obviously start a new story.

However, I won’t start a new series any time soon, because I don’t have any spare time. Attentive kiddos probably know my hands are really full…囧

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